Ok, not what you are thinking.  To us, T&A is about Transparency and Authenticity.  

At ReuseNation, we want to be open and straightforward about our process and efforts to deliver the best stewardship, handling and experience around you and our merchandise.

A few important features about ReuseNation:

1. UNIQUE QUALITY:  By definition, preloved clothing, shoes and accessories are unique in age, brand and condition.  While many items still have new, original store tags, most do not.  Consequently, we will do our best to identify any imperfections in condition, quality or utility.  

2. IMPERFECTIONS ARE PART OF THE WORLD:  We are curating and selecting the best merchandise for you.  We are not perfect and we do make mistakes.  Although we strive to find the best of the best, we are also endeavoring to provide you this merchandise at an amazing price.  

4.  SOURCES:  ReuseNation sources and acquires all merchandise from a variety of used clothing wholesalers and distributors and seeks to find a new, loving home for everything.  By keeping items out of the landfill, we are engaged in the highest and best use - Reuse.  

5.  AUTHENTICITY:  The ReuseNation staff does its homework and has worked hard to authenticate and confirm that our merchandise is authentic and real. There is a lot of stuff in the marketplace that is not and we will do our best to ensure that you get what you expect.  Authenticity, especially for handbags and some other accessories, is a big deal.  All items are put through a multi-point, brand-specific authentication process  We inspect all goods for appropriate brand markings, date codes, serial tags and hologram stickers, even the lipstick and pens left behind . Everything passes through our strict review process before we make it available. 

Our authentication process is in-house and independent. Brands identified are not involved in the authentication of the products being sold, and none of the brands sold assumes any responsibility for any products purchased from or through the website. Brands sold on ReuseNation are not partnered or affiliated with us in any manner.  However, we fully cooperate with brands seeking to track down the source of counterfeit items.   We understand that and will do our best to ensure that you are satisfied.  If for whatever reason you are not, please consult with our return policy.