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The Glorious Life of a Sneakerhead

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  • July 24 2016 – Ira Baseman

    The Percentages Are In Your Favor – Reuse with Benefits

    The Percentages Are In Your Favor – Reuse with Benefits In our effort to enlighten and delight, we have a few important numbers and statistics to share.  These will make you think twice about the value of reuse and we think you will be pleased and surprised. Not only are these numbers impressive (or good cocktail conversation points), they reinforce...

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  • July 04 2016 – Ira Baseman


    ReuseNation is proud to be a socially conscious enterprise.  We are illuminating the most compelling aspect of recycling clothing, shoes and accessories  - REUSE!  It is fashionable, responsible and financially smart.  Together,  we promote the value represented in Reuse with the opportunity of looking good and doing good, of balancing sustainability, fashion and freedom of expression.  We have a strong...

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  • June 12 2016 – Ira Baseman

    ôTHenˈtisədē (authenticity)

    It is said, at least many places on the internet, that authenticity is the most attractive item that you can wear. And given our desire to promote people first at ReuseNation, we strongly echo this sentiment and celebrate self-expression in all that we do and wish to accomplish. We also know that being authentic has value and meaning and we...

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  • May 11 2016 – Ira Baseman

    Butterflies, Potential Energy and the Circular Economy - Clothing as a Resource

    As we head into the final semester of middle school, I am tutoring my son for a physics final and I am reminded of the terminology and concepts that I worked through when I was in high school so many years ago. Yes, I actually thought physics was interesting. The laws of nature, explained in strict mechanical terms, seemed clear...

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