The Percentages Are In Your Favor – Reuse with Benefits

The Percentages Are In Your Favor – Reuse with Benefits

In our effort to enlighten and delight, we have a few important numbers and statistics to share.  These will make you think twice about the value of reuse and we think you will be pleased and surprised. Not only are these numbers impressive (or good cocktail conversation points), they reinforce the value that you are creating and enjoying by participating in the ReuseMovement. Together, we are making a difference and you are part of the solution. Reuse has benefits for you, the planet and your pocket. 

Here are the numbers:

  • 26 Billion Pounds of Clothing, Shoes and Accessories are discarded each year in the US, the equivalent of over 80lbs. per person. Biggest number in the world.
  • Only 15% gets recycled, even though over 90% of this stuff can be recycled or reused.
  • Over 50% of surveyed Americans say that they are likely to reuse if they knew that each year more than a half trillion gallons water are used in dyeing textiles and that 70 million barrels of oil are used to produce polyester.
  • Reuse is the highest and best use of clothing, shoes and accessories and is more effective at reducing green house gas emissions than recycling plastic and glass combined.
  • Over 70% of the world depends on preloved clothing, shoes and accessories
  • The reuse industry employs over 100,000 jobs and over $1 Billion in wages in the US alone.

 Embrace the ReuseMovement today. Simple choices make a big difference for you and your community.  Plus, you will look good, do good and feel good. 




ôTHenˈtisədē (authenticity)

It is said, at least many places on the internet, that authenticity is the most attractive item that you can wear. And given our desire to promote people first at ReuseNation, we strongly echo this sentiment and celebrate self-expression in all that we do and wish to accomplish.

We also know that being authentic has value and meaning and we strive to deliver on that promise in all that we do. In our world of both people and cool stuff, authenticity clearly matters and we know that you are holding us to that standard. For our part, we use all reasonable efforts to curate, closely examine and investigate each and every item we consider for ReuseNation. We have done our homework and we continue our studies to learn more on each and every article that we hold and provide for your pleasure. When we doubt ourselves or have some nagging suspicion, we pause and consider our responsibility to you, our fellow members of ReuseNation. When there is a question, we choose to only provide you with the best that we can.  Therefore, we do not seek to harbor the inauthentic or fake. But, to be fair, we will not be perfect and mistakes may occur. When that happens, you have the right to act – love it or leave it. Check out our return policy and you will not ever be disappointed. Together, we are changing the world of reuse and seek to be truly authentic.   You will look better wearing it.