The Genuine Article: Reuse and Your Personal Brand


Whatever our taste in fashion, brands, design or style, what we chose to wear and carry is a meaningful and perceptible identifier of our own personal brand. What we chose is only the beginning. How we combine, match and mismatch is our choice of self-expression and contributes to our personal brand. We are limited only by our imagination, inhibitions and what we have at our disposal.

The Reuse Movement enhances this freedom as we continue the enjoyment and self-expression of preloved articles, with the added environmental, social and economic value that is inherent in reuse.   Reuse offers an enormous range of choices, styles and designs, in an economical fashion. The environmental benefits are compelling, as clothing, shoes and accessories account for over 26 billion pounds into the solid waste stream each year in the United States. Recycling for reuse keeps this material out of the landfill, avoids the need for remanufacturing and results in sizable savings of water, carbon and other valuable resources.   Socially, reuse connects people in the process, as articles carry the memories, stories and emotional attachments that we imbue in our articles. Preloved items carry a valuable contribution and only add to the style and value of these items. Consider, for example, a well worn pair of jeans, leather shoes that are beautifully broken in, or a handbag that just feels good to the touch. These are the unrealized benefits that we enjoy with reuse that extends to our own self- expression.

Each of us has our own style that we develop, nurture and express. It evolves and changes with the times and reflects our journey.   We get to make this statement in a real and personal way, sometimes without conscious effort. In an increasingly digital world, our personal presentation is tangible, tactile and enduring. It is part of what we share with others and how we seek to be known. Be yourself, express yourself and define your style as the genuine article.  Join the reuse movement and be your own brand.  

ôTHenˈtisədē (authenticity)

It is said, at least many places on the internet, that authenticity is the most attractive item that you can wear. And given our desire to promote people first at ReuseNation, we strongly echo this sentiment and celebrate self-expression in all that we do and wish to accomplish.

We also know that being authentic has value and meaning and we strive to deliver on that promise in all that we do. In our world of both people and cool stuff, authenticity clearly matters and we know that you are holding us to that standard. For our part, we use all reasonable efforts to curate, closely examine and investigate each and every item we consider for ReuseNation. We have done our homework and we continue our studies to learn more on each and every article that we hold and provide for your pleasure. When we doubt ourselves or have some nagging suspicion, we pause and consider our responsibility to you, our fellow members of ReuseNation. When there is a question, we choose to only provide you with the best that we can.  Therefore, we do not seek to harbor the inauthentic or fake. But, to be fair, we will not be perfect and mistakes may occur. When that happens, you have the right to act – love it or leave it. Check out our return policy and you will not ever be disappointed. Together, we are changing the world of reuse and seek to be truly authentic.   You will look better wearing it.