Once upon a time…”

When you think about what inspires, motivates and resonates in the human spirit, the message is often carried in a good story. Whatever the source, a good story is a treasure that we carry with us and, if we are generous, we share. Every time a good story is retold, it matters to the storyteller and the audience. It is a human tradition that is timeless. Beyond the individual impact, however, a good story can impact a community and inspire action to effect real change. Done right, this is the key to embracing all participants in a common goal and to create the opportunity for others to retell that story along the way. As we have all learned since an early age, storytelling can be compelling, captivating and enriching and entirely portable. A good story can be passed on and delivered far and wide without a piece of paper or a set of rules. More importantly, if the story is told and retold, the principles are simply a part of that story and the retelling allows others to breathe new life into those messages while spreading the word. Stories keep our attention and they are adaptable and allow for continuation and adaption. Everyone loves a good story. 

The story of the #reusemovement was sparked by a simple idea, the idea that we can transform recycling by a simple act: connect the positive consequences of recycling a pair of shoes with the reuse of those shoes by another person somewhere around the globe or across the neighborhood. With the reusemovement, we have set out to humanize recycling by connecting one person’s actions with the life of another. In the process, we have offered the opportunity to connect the dots and complete the circle.   In each instance, the recycler is the storyteller and the recipient, the audience. With every article of clothing we recycle, we continue this tradition and make a difference. Our efforts are real, tangible and are impactful.

We have sought to elevate recycling for reuse to the human level. This completely novel and magical experience is made even better through the technology, the explosion of social networking, and the creative and hard work of our engaged community. Join the #reusemovement today. You will help tell the story of how we can changed the world of clothing recycling.

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