ReuseNation is proud to be a socially conscious enterprise.  We are illuminating the most compelling aspect of recycling clothing, shoes and accessories  - REUSE!  It is fashionable, responsible and financially smart.  Together,  we promote the value represented in Reuse with the opportunity of looking good and doing good, of balancing sustainability, fashion and freedom of expression.  We have a strong mission, story and vision for a future that we want to see realized. We believe that people are at the core of why we are, who we are and who we serve. We want to create a new narrative, but we understand that the basic elements of a good story never fail to enlighten and inspire. We want to make recycling for reuse personal, relevant, impactful and transparent. At ReuseNation, we want to connect the dots between people through the simple act of recycling clothing, shoes and accessories. We invite you to Join the #ReuseMovement.  

July 04, 2016 by Ira Baseman
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