Use your imagination...

Use your imagination...


In our world of post consumer clothing recycling, we are met with the challenge and opportunity of solving a consumption question, an environmental problem and a demand for a better model of reuse. I for one love a challenge and an opportunity. Disruption, creative resource management and the execution of new ideas are compelling enough. Changing an ancient industry can be daunting. Where to start?

First, it’s the people. We consume and discard. We love stuff, preferably good stuff and we need to take responsibility that our formerly loved stuff finds a place with others that will cherish, enrich and respect it. Second, it’s about making the process convenient, engaging, transparent and smart. Third, it’s about using our imagination to find solutions that elevate and enlighten people and create a better process of making the world of fashion, clothing reuse and environmental stewardship easier and habitual.

Sustainability and fashion are here to stay and we can enjoy both. So many companies have embraced the movement and this substantive shift is growing in depth and breadth each day. That said, we see the #reusemovement growing into something more. We see so many opportunities to close the loop and promote reuse. What makes this so different from traditional world of recycling is that people are connected through reuse. We imbue our clothing with emotional attachments, stories and memories and these continue with these articles into their next use and to the next person. This connection is radically enlightening and the results are positive and meaningful to people, planet and our pocket. Reuse is a personal experience that is shared. Think about it.

Go ahead, use your imagination.

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