Reuse and Repurpose - Three Great DIY Home Furnishings

Reuse and Repurpose - Three Great DIY Home Furnishings

All too often when we need something, our first thought is running to the store, or looking on online. Here are three stories of do-it-yourselfers who were able to reuse and repurpose!

Terrarium from a TV Cabinet

Source: /u/NeakosOK on Reddit

This is a great way to reuse an old TV Cabinet.  They created an awesome new reptile home, and have places to keep food and other supplies underneath.

Speakerbox from Old Skateboards

Source: /u/paulmakesthings on Reddit

Stripping the grip tape off of old skate boards, and then cutting them into strips, this project created an awesome enclosure for an otherwise ordinary bluetooth speaker. 

Play Kitchen from an Entertainment Center

Source: /u/sixstringhook on Reddit

This is my favorite of these three projects.  They started with a $20 entertainment center from the local thrift store, and turned it into a much better kitchen play set than they could have bought their son from any toy store.

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